Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women – Get it Straight So You Can Find Him

Non Negotiables

Be very clear what your non negotiable are. It’s key to finding your mate. Things like height, weight, their eating habits, drinking, etc. Does he smoke, take drugs and what religion are you looking for? If a man does not possess your non negotiable, ladies, you won’t be able to change him. Move on. That’s right, move on. If you compromise on these, you will eventually be unhappy and that my dear, will lead to a relationship disaster. So, figure out what yours are and stick to them. Write them down, do it now!

Long Term Goals

Make sure you are very clear about your long term goals. As example ladies, what do you want to be doing professionally in five, ten or even fifteen years? Where do you want to be living and what type of guy do you want to be married to. Look, your long term goals must match your potential mate’s. If they are different from his, it’s not going to work. Trust me on this one ladies.

Live Without

The opposite of your non negotiable is figuring out what you can live without. If you going to sit there and tell me you must have this and you must have that, forget it. Just figure out what is really important to you and throw everything else out. That’s right. Be open minded so the chemistry can happen.

Your Values

The two things I want you to know here are common goals and shared values. Values actually define your very essence. They are somewhat different from non negotiable. I will give you an example. Your non negotiable can be finding a man who has never been married before. Agreed? Values, on the other hand, are beliefs and ideas. If your values conflict with that of your man, you won’t last in the relationship very long. That’s why I am telling you to be honest about your values such as children, religion, money, sex and politics. Find a man who you share the same goals and values and you will find your relationship will grow stronger over time.

What You Like About 5 Men

This is a great one. Find 5 men who you know and like write down qualities of each. Why am I telling you this, because you want your future husband to be both your lover and best friend? Ladies, married couples don’t last if they only have sexual passion in common and nothing else. Recognizing the qualities you like in these 5 men will help you spot and understand why they are important in finding a husband. Some men might be good listeners, some may laugh at your bad jokes, and others might be willing to go to the movies you want to see. Maybe they might be supporting you when you are down. Having all those qualities in one man would be nice, don’t you agree?

Reinvent Yourself

Here it is. Get to know yourself. If you are coming off a bad relationship, you might have lost sight of who you are and your own needs. Therefore, start spending time with yourself doing things you like to do. The secret behind me telling you this is you might meet a man, a great man being involved in things you enjoy. It could be going to old movies, antiquing, reading or indulging in you. The bottom line ladies, be nice to you.

Give Yourself a Shout Out

Make a list of your best qualities on a pretty pink or red sheet of paper. Now tape it to the mirror where you get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Now, every morning when you wake up you can remind yourself how wonderful you are!

Reality Check

Ladies, things are never really as bad as you think. They can always get better if you are willing to do what I tell you. Here are two ideas you should engrave in your mind’s eye, especially when you are searching for a mate. It might be overwhelmingly wonderful, so be ready. If you have a turn of events, a set back or a great opportunity, keep it in perspective. What I mean by this is it’s all just a part of the larger picture. With each experience, use it to your advantage and learn from it. As an example, if you approach a man and begin speaking with him and he doesn’t respond the way you want, don’t be dissuaded from trying again. Hey, he is only one man and doesn’t represent the entire Universe of men.

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